We would like to help all of our volunteers be prepared for emergencies, and one very important way to do this is to offer training on how to manage emergencies.

We are working toward our MRC being compliant with NIMS (National Incident Management System) requirements. This includes asking our volunteers to complete "IS 100 and IS 700" which gives you an overview of this management system. The reason we ask volunteers to take this course is so that you understand the bigger incident command structure that will be overseeing any emergency event and how you fit into the structure as an MRC volunteer.

If you are web-savvy and like to take courses online, you can easily take IS 100 and IS 700 as an independent study directly from the FEMA website:

Upcoming Training

Clark County
Terrorism Awareness
Location: TBA
Address: TBA
Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Time: TBA
For additional information or to sign up contact:
Sandy or call 937-390-5600 x262
Jan or call 937-390-5600 x278

Regional Coordinators

Champaign County
Jeanne Bowman
Office: (937) 484-1675
Fax: (937) 484-1622
Clark County
Sandy Miller
Office: (937) 390-5600
Fax: (937) 390-5626
Darke County
Dennis Wein
Office: (937) 548-4196 x202
Fax: (937) 548-9128
Greene County
Don Brannen, PhD
Office: (937) 374-5660
Fax: (937) 374-5675
Miami County
Lori Ptak
Office: (937) 573-3509
Fax: (937) 573-3501
Montgomery County
Larry Cleek
Office: (937) 225-4483
Fax: (937) 496-7468
Preble County
Suzy Cottingim
Office: (937) 472-0087 x#207
Fax: (937) 456-6382
Shelby County
Kathy Cavinder
Office: (937) 498-7249
Fax: (937) 498-7013